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Jim Patterson & Company is proud to have served the Bay Area with the best quality Concrete Contractor in San Francisco, CA since 1977. From the beginning, we have striven to become the leading Foundation Repair in California by consistently providing exceptional quality workmanship and dependable service.

Jim Patterson & Company’s staff is a dedicated, highly professional set of experts who are well trained in the skills needed as a Concrete Contractor in San Francisco, CA. The company prides itself on employing only those of exemplary character. We continuously train and educate our team to continually keep up to date with all of the latest Industry codes and Industry laws so you can rest assure you’re hiring the best in the business!

Time and time again, we exceed the quality and service expectations of our distinguished clientele. Along with providing quality workmanship and superb customer service, we believe that planning is vitally important to accomplishing a successful end result as a Concrete Contractor in San Francisco, CA.

Call our service hotline direct at 415-508-4897 to speak with us in depth about why you must hire a certified, experienced Concrete Contractor. Jim Patterson & Company offers many types of services, ranging from the small and simple to the large and complex. Our company’s track record and references speak for themselves. We have served the residential and commercial sectors of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area since 1977.

When it comes to being the absolute best Concrete Contractor in San Francisco, we pride ourselves on getting the job right the first time, on time and under budget. We will focus on all the little details for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We are always available to receive your call at 415-508-4897, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Remember, you can put your trust in Jim Patterson & Company, the #1 Concrete Contractor in San Francisco, CA!

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